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about me


My name is Ithai Levi. I’m a father, programmer, table-top RPGer and an amateur musician amongst other stuff.

I enjoy coding in C, C++, Erlang and recently Elixir. I also use other technologies if it means getting the job done.

My Linux Machine

When working on a personal project I usually do everything myself. I create my own CG and 3D assets, paint and sketch my own art and images, write and perform my own music and setup my own websites and marketing material.

My Studio Tools

I also enjoy playing tabletop RPG games. I have a growing collection of game books but recently I’m playing a variant that my kids and I invented.

A growing collection

my story

It all started in one rainy day, December, 1984. I was in 4th grade and school day was over. I waited for my mom to pick me up. She was late.

When she finally showed up, she had something with her, something that shifted my life. It was an Atari 800XL 8bit computer. My first computer.

I had no games and no software. Just a computer, a tape and an assembly book - so I learned to program.

Years later, I’m still programming. I’ve been programming large computers, small computers, office computers and mission-critical computers.

RLofC Logo

RLofC is my home project. I’m using my free time to write games and develop other creative projects.

Guts & Glory

Guts and Glory Logo

I’m currently working on an arcade-ish PvP dogfighting shooter.

I want Guts & Glory to be pure fun. It will be playable in single player and multiplayer, supporting both local PvP and LAN.

Some of the features I plan:

  • Single-Player and Two-Player (Local and LAN) PvP dogfights
  • Booster crates with perks and surprises
  • Ground targets to shoot at or that shoot at you
  • Weather and sun effects
  • Flocks of geese


Guts & Glory Screenshot 1

Guts & Glory Screenshot 2

Guts & Glory Screenshot 3

Guts & Glory Screenshot 4

Technical Blueprint

Guts & Glory Technical Blueprint

Guts & Glory Icon:

Guts & Glory Icon

Fly ‘n’ Write

Fly-n-Write Logo

Fly ‘n’ Write lets you write stuff in the sky and send the video to your friends and family.

You can use touch to write a short greeting or message and an airplane will skywrite it for you. If you like the display, Fly ‘n’ Write can prepare a video for you to post in your favorite social network or instant messenger.

Fly ‘n’ Write comes with 9 ready-made card templates so you can send a video greeting in just a few seconds.

To challenge your flying skills you can also try to fly the plane yourself and write in the sky using a virtual gamepad.


  • Use touch to write a short message and a 3D airplane will write it in the sky.

  • Choose any of the 5 available airplane liveries: “Red Devil”, “All Love”, “The Patriot”, “Goth Racer” and “The Reindeer”.

  • Choose from 9 ready-made greeting cards and have Fly ‘n’ Write create a video for you send in no-time.

  • Try to fly the plane yourself. The sky is your canvas.

Fly ‘n’ Write Icon:

Fly-n-Write Icon


Fly-n-Write Screenshot 1

Fly-n-Write Screenshot 2

Fly-n-Write Screenshot 3

Fly-n-Write Screenshot 4

contact me


Street Address

144 Lacish st.
Shoham 60850
Phone: +972 50 313 7737