03. December 2013

Getting started with GamePlay and Blender - part 1

I’m making my first attempt at doing a video tutorial. This time it’s to help those who are just getting started with GamePlay and need some guidance on how to clone the repo, build it and use it with Blender.

This is the first of a multi-part set. In this part I’ll show you how to clone and build GamePlay, how to clone and build the GamePlay scene-viewer addon that I wrote for Blender and how to set everything up to render the default scene using the engine.

In the next part we’ll create a very basic skeletal animation and get it running using the viewer.

Hope it turned out okay.


25. November 2013

Sikuli, or how I improved my Personal Hygiene using Test Automation

Test Automation is the practice of running scripted tests automatically as opposed to running the same tests manually.

While working on Fly ‘n’ Write, I’ve written a small set of C++ unit-tests to verify critical parts of my code. This worked pretty well and increased my confidence in my builds, but something was missing.


15. November 2013

Fly ‘n’ Write preview version

Moving fast with Fly ‘n’ Write I am excited to announce that the prerelease version (1.0) is ready :) If all goes well I will have the full version available globally on iTunes by December 1st.


09. November 2013

Naming an App - a Retrospective

I found a name for my app. A name that clearly explains what the app is all about and is also brand-able and available for me to use.

Today, when apps are stockpiling in the app stores, finding a good name is not a simple task. Here is what I learned in the process:


06. November 2013

Working intensively. Getting Somewhere.

I’ve been investing most of my personal-projects time on a mobile app I’m writing using GamePlay3D. The last few weeks have been a technical roller-coaster ride. GamePlay3D proved to be stable and dependable. It’s the iDevices I used for testing and their varying performance that gave me a hard time. I will let you in on all the details in a later post but for now, I just want to share some work-in-progress videos.