Fly ‘n’ Write preview version

Written by Ithai

Moving fast with Fly ‘n’ Write I am excited to announce that the prerelease version (1.0) is ready :) If all goes well I will have the full version available globally on iTunes by December 1st.

Here is how Fly ‘n’ Write looks on my phone:

This version is still missing some features, effects and…

It’s Time for some Music

I’m considering adding some music to run in the background. I don’t want it to draw too much attention or worst, irritate, but I do think it could add to the atmosphere.

Here is how the menu looks now:

And here is a small loopable piece I wrote and that I hope sounds soothing and pleasant:

I recorded myself playing on a midi keyboard using Garritan Personal Orchestra. I used a piano, some strings, a flute, bassoon and some percussions

Reaper DAW for Fly 'n' Write

I also used Reaper as a DAW. Creating music is one of few tasks I still do on my iMac, alongside to building my iOS code. I prefer doing as much work as I can on my Linux box, but that’s for another post.

Feel free to let me know what you think via email or @RLofC.

Some code statistics

Up until today, I worked 20 full days on the app. This includes C++ coding, 3D modeling, texturing, website design, artwork, music, minimal blogging and learning.

My code base stats:

  • Core project: 2110 LOC, out of which:

    • 206 is ObjC code for video encoding and
    • 420 is for the tracer logic.
  • Unittests: 234 LOC

  • Sikuli: 115 LOC

Can this programmer do marketing?

I’m now going to begin the most challenging task (for me): app promotion. This is clearly not one of my better skills but I am planning to do my best. Being a one-man-team, this will just have to do.

My first goal is to create a promotional video of Fly ‘n’ Write.

The plan is to have a short and fun movie. I hope to get it ready next week so I can send it to as many interesting parties I can find. I will be using Blender and will try to write yet another musical piece for the movie as well:

Promotional Video for Fly 'n' Write

Ideas are piling up

At this stage, when I’m getting close to releasing the app, ideas are flooding and I have a rapidly growing list of TODOs for the next version and for other potential apps and games. This means more fun :)