Guts & Glory is now Guts vs Glory

Written by Ithai Levi

I changed the game’s name from Guts & Glory to Guts vs Glory. I think it makes it a bit more distinguishable.

Reintroducing - Guts vs Glory

Guts vs Glory art

I actually like Guts vs Glory better. It certainly reflects more about the actual game and the conflict between the two main “characters”.

Progress, finally

I dedicated a night to code a credits intro animation. It’s these little things that add polish to the game as a product.

I now feel I’m making some real progress towards having a full game, as I envisioned it. The current build (v0.3.3) has the full 1st episode of the game, with 12 levels and what could be considered a boss fight. I also have a partly working settings screen that should be fully functional in the next build.

Next waypoint

I’ll dedicate next week’s nights to working on v0.4. There’s more bugs to fix, demo mode to add and also some tweaks I want do following some very helpful feedback from the community.

Then, it will be time to start working on a proper trailer for the game.