Guts & Glory - Soundtrack, Visual FX and then some..

Written by Ithai Levi

The technical blueprint and design effort has paid-off. Last week’s programming was joyful and effective. I managed to get many things done by the plan and without messing up the codebase. However, this week’s biggest news is that Guts & Glory has a new soundtrack and it ROCKS.


Letting it go

I love making music. This is one of my theraputic activities. I’ve recently decided to focus on making music using my Linux exclusivly. The best tool I have on Linux is Renoise.

My initial concept for the Guts & Glory soundtrack was for it to sound almost like a WWII hero-anthem. I began sketching a draft in Renoise and finally ended up with this:

However, I felt this is not exciting enough and decided to consider Southern Rock. But since my shredding skills are not top-notch I decided that this time I need help. Luckily I was able to find Milos Petrenj‘s skillful and soulful music. Thanks to Milos, Guts & Glory now has the perfect soundtrack.

GamePlay 2.0.0

When I started working on Guts & Glory I still used the official GamePlay 1.7 release. I used 1.7 for Fly ‘n’ Write and felt it was a safer way to begin.

As it turned out, the migration to GamePlay 2.0.0 release was amazingly smooth! The GamePlay development team has made an astonishing job creating a very stable release. You may want to check out the GamePlay 2013 GDC talk by Sean Paul Taylor and Steve Grenier.

In a sense, I feel a responsibility to make Guts & Glory the best possible game so it can reflect the quality of its framework.

Pew Pew Pew

Bullet trails is something I wanted to do since the first day I started working on the game. I finally managed to figure out the most efficient method to do this using my current projectiles model.

Bullet Trails Zoom

I ended up with creating an extra set of crossed planes for each fired projectile. The planes scale to fit the distance between the origin of the shot to where the bullet is in each frame.

The texture is a simple opaque to transparent white gradient and the whole node is gradually becoming transparent until finally vanishing in the air.

Better Weather

I also worked on the weather module. Different levels in the game will introduce different weather conditions, but the baseline should be a nice springtime day, so I toned down the clouds:

Guts & Glory Weather - after

My next goal for the weather system is to model a storm. The idea is to put the players in a challenging environment, with the added gameplay element of hiding in the storm clouds or getting hit by a lightning-bolt..

I will start working on this further down the road.

Controls Assignment

This is probably the most challenging task I faced last week. I have no idea how I managed to over-complicate what seemed like a simple task, but I did.

Guts & Glory Home Screen

I wanted to make it easy for the player to choose the best available control and in the same time, set the game to be either PvP or PvCPU.

I ended up rewriting the origin controls code and letting each player control both its assignment and also the opponent assignment.

To make things clearer, I need to change the gamepad icons, but I’m pleased with how this turned out.

Profile and Player Stats

Another challange was to setup some sort of a persistent profiles system that will keep track of each player’s score, level progress and other statistics.

Guts & Glory Level Stats

This will allow to award the players with acheivements and medals based on their performance. For example, if the player has scored a hit ratio higher than %50 in 3 missions, a “Medal of Marksmanship” will be awarded.

I now have the profiles framework in place and my next task for this module is to allow each player to choose a profile when entering the game.

Next Waypoint

Last week was fantastic and fun. If all goes well, I should have a pre-alpha or an alpha-demo ready during the first week of March. So stay tuned and thank’s for your support :)