Guts & Glory - SAM launcher and a surprising level 12

Written by Ithai Levi

I’m back at full throttle working on Guts & Glory. At least during the 2-3 hours I can spare each night while holding my eyes open with as much coffee as I can drink.

Half-way there

By now, I’m past the midpoint of development. The first 12 levels are nearly done, meaning the majority of the game is in place. The next 12 levels will introduce a new pair of planes and some interesting surprises and game twisters but will be actually easier to code.


The SAM launcher is finally operational.

Here is me trying to stay on top of things with the surface-to-air missile giving me some hard time:

While coding the ground-to-air launcher behavior, I had to deal with some technical issues revolving Blender and Gameplay3D. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t really handle, but the combination of not having enough time to work and the pressure to see some progress has aggravated the problem, forcing me to almost ditch the original concept. I’m glad I didn’t.

I forced myself through it, convincing myself not to give up the original plan and hacked my way through the issues. My main conclusion from this attempt - Gamedeving as a hobby means you need to take deep breaths.

The result is a great new level. Probably the most fun and challenging level in the game, so far. I have my 5 years old boy to prove it. He spent almost 45 minutes playing the same level over and over again.

Flying WHAT?!

Level 12 is going to be completed today. There’s going to be a surprise involving this low-poly sheep:

Low Poly Sheep

It’s gonna get interesting…