Guts & Glory - Playtesting the Prototype

Written by Ithai

Guts & Glory prototype is working, in the full sense of ‘working’. It really is as fun as I imagined it would be. Perhaps it’s me and the whole dogfighting thing I have ever since I played Mig Alley Ace on my old 8bit Atari.

Prototype Playtest

The red plane is P1 and the black plane is CPU. I’ve managed to add some clouds just to see the impact on looks and gameplay. I know I over did it. I will fine tune it and add more weather scenarios. Right now I’m thinking about some storm clouds ceiling that you can hide in, with lightning bolts that may or may not hit your plane while you fight. Yup.

Direction of Photography

I’m also still working on my camera. I added small camera shakes when firing and one big shake when the planes crash in mid-air. This may look too jumpy in the video but works pretty well when you’re playing.

I also have an alternative mode where the camera is tracking the midpoint between the two planes, dollying back and forth based on the planes distance. This works fine for a while, but after a few minutes of play I get dizzy and sea-sick (or sky-sick). Also, the shakes don’t play well with the desired smoothness of the camera motion.

So, Camera work is one of the many things I need to constantly work on.

Sounds Interesting

I’ve already made my first hard currency investment for the game. I bought a few sound effects from Sound and music have an immense impact on player experience. The effects I got from Frank sound great!

As for the music, this is something I want to do on my own and I look forward to getting to the point of working on it.

I also couldn’t find any good quality geese quacks, so I’m going to do my best, vocally. Prepare to be amazed.

Clear for Takeoff

So at this point, it’s definitely a go-ahead for the game. I took some time the other day to tidy up the prototype code, so I can get a better perspective before working on the real design.

I’ve also set-up a game entry in IndieDB and I plan to keep both this blog and the game’s page in sync.

My next step is to - design A Game. This is where it gets interesting and complicated. What kind of progress will the game provide? Levels? Achievements? Gradual Challenge? Variety? lots of decisions and a delicate effort to keep everything within achievable bounds.

April’s Fool

I’m also setting my deadline to April 1st (that’s right…) I don’t want this to be an endless project, so I’m going to work within a budget. This will call for careful prioritization. Anything that won’t get into the time-frame will be left out of the game. At least in its first revision.