Guts & Glory - physics and AI test

Written by Ithai

“Fly ‘n’ Fight” is now “Guts and Glory”.. at least as a working-title. I think Guts and Glory is a better title. A More expressive title that helps convey the spirit of the game: Pure, Senseless FUN. Not sure…

Prototype progress

The prototype is coming along nicely. I already have a playable build that has two modes: AI and PvP.

The AI is pretty good considering the fact that I wrote the thing in an hour or so. I added a “craziness” factor that makes the opponent unpredictable. This adds a lot of tension to the game and makes fighting the computer fun and exciting.

Learning goals

Aside from making a great game, I want to learn more about game physics, AI and multiplayer networking. This will help me take my skillset to the next level, so I can write more elaborate games with my kids, further down the road.

What’s next

I want the game to be fast-paced and fun: shoot-kill-point-evade-die-point and so on.. If you leave the ring, you go down. Possibly add AA fire, booster crates and clouds to get things more interesting.

But for now, I still have some work on the prototype, maybe a couple of days worth and then - play-test.

I want to make sure the game is as fun as I think it should be. If the core game is fun, then the additional work will make it great. Then - polish the thing and release a first version.

Platform Support

I plan to release Guts and Glory for all major platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux and any other platform I can get my hands on.

Unlike Fly ‘n’ Write, where I used the iOS GPU video encoder, I’m not using any platform specific services, not even for networking. This, and the exceptional cross-platform support of GamePlay, should make porting the game a non-issue. That is, until I have to deal with any FPS and performance issues for platforms such as the iPhone 4 :/

Note-to-self: keep everything lean-and-mean.