Guts & Glory - Geese, Boosters and Bad Weather

Written by Ithai Levi

Ever since I started working on Guts & Glory, I wanted to have flying flocks of geese in the game. I really don’t know why exactly. Now, I’m happy to announce, the geese are finally here!

Quack, Quack

The game now has levels 1-8 completed ( well.. almost, but more on this later). Check it out. They were described, and I quote, as being “Majestic”, and I couldn’t agree more:

Now, before you jump all over me, you are not supposed to shoot at them, but rather avoid harming them in any way. If you do hit a goose, your opponent earns a point.

Guns Guns Guns

The plane guns in the game have a limited rate of fire infuance by a simulated heating factor. But if you collect the new boosters in level 7 and 8, your guns are upgraded and this limit will be removed. That is, until you get shot down.

Take Cover

Another new gameplay element is the storm clouds in level 8. These allow you to hide and pull a surprise dive on your opponent.

As I mentioned earlier, I have almost completed coding this part of the game. More specifically, the AI plane is not using this tactics at the moment so the human player will still have an advantage.. for now.

Original Crash

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I’m running on fumes

My spare time is sparse these days, and so is my game development time. Ideally I will get 1-2 hours a day to work on the game but lately it’s what I had in a whole week. This is not enough, but having a demanding day job and family life makes game development come in third. Still, getting to this point after three months is okay. I estimate an additional 20-24 hours of work until beta.

The Next Waypoint

I’m about to begin a very short cycle of testing the alpha demo, just to clear away any obvious quirks and bugs. Early next week I’ll have the very first builds of Guts & Glory ready for download by the few and the brave who are willing to experience the first few levels, in the game’s current rough state.

Want a copy? Drop me a line!