08. June 2014

Cage - Ain't a Game Engine

Last month I decided to invest my spare time on something else and placed Guts & Glory on a temporary hold. There were a couple of reasons to this but the most dominant was I wanted to teach my kids more about game development. The outcome is Cage.


06. April 2014

Guts & Glory - Geese, Boosters and Bad Weather

Ever since I started working on Guts & Glory, I wanted to have flying flocks of geese in the game. I really don’t know why exactly. Now, I’m happy to announce, the geese are finally here!


01. March 2014

Guts & Glory - Hoops, Balloons and Kabooms

Is flying through balloon hoops considered standard pilot training?

The brave aviators of Guts & Glory will be introduced to the game with a set of four flight and combat training levels. Developing these levels has been last week’s main objective.


18. February 2014

Guts & Glory - Soundtrack, Visual FX and then some..

The technical blueprint and design effort has paid-off. Last week’s programming was joyful and effective. I managed to get many things done by the plan and without messing up the codebase. However, this week’s biggest news is that Guts & Glory has a new soundtrack and it ROCKS.


07. February 2014

Guts & Glory - Scaffolds are in place

Guts & Glory is going to be an arcade game, hopefully a great arcade game. However, it must begin its way as a well-designed software project, more specifically, a well-designed C++ project.

The last week was all about establishing the Guts & Glory software scaffolds, so it can grow into a beautiful game.


28. January 2014

Guts & Glory - Playtesting the Prototype

Guts & Glory prototype is working, in the full sense of ‘working’. It really is as fun as I imagined it would be. Perhaps it’s me and the whole dogfighting thing I have ever since I played Mig Alley Ace on my old 8bit Atari.


19. January 2014

Guts & Glory - physics and AI test

“Fly ‘n’ Fight” is now “Guts and Glory”.. at least as a working-title. I think Guts and Glory is a better title. A More expressive title that helps convey the spirit of the game: Pure, Senseless FUN. Not sure…


05. January 2014

Fake Ambient Occlusion Trick for Games

It’s a new year and a fresh start. Time to work on Fly ‘n’ Fight.

The first thing I did was teaching my pilot to shoot booster crates. While working on the crate model and animation, I found a cheap little trick to fake dynamic ambient occlusion for animated objects in games.